Friday, October 13, 2006

I've got mail.

I'm absolutely obsessed with getting mail. I always have been. When I was a kid, I had several pen pals (mostly just cousins) to whom I would write on almost a daily basis. I love opening packages and letters. I love stamps. I love the walk out to the mailbox (especially on a brisk autumn day). I love all of it. SO, yesterday was a great day for two mail-related reasons. First, my package from my tea swap pal, Meg, arrived. Second, my magazine order from Phildar came as well.

As it turns out, Meg is the sweetest swap pal ever. She really knew how to build the anticipation too... first, she sent me a postcard. Then, she left me comments on my blog. Then, yesterday the package came along with the most thoughtful note. Anway, what do we have? First of all, Opal yarn (which I've never tried before). Teas: Assorted Tazo and Stash Chamomile. Treats: Animal Cookies (which my daughter tried for the first time and loved!), Pepperidge Farm Chessmen, and Anna's Ginger Thins (love those!). PLUS, a scone cutter w/ recipe, recipe cards, and a pattern for a hooded sweater. Meg, thank you so much for making my first swap such a great experience! Also I have some dietary restrictions that Meg was so nice to watch out for!

And the magazines! I actually have spent a year of my life in France (one four month period in Strasbourg and eight months a couple years later in Dijon). Unfortunately, at neither time was I an active knitter. I'm really regretting that now that I see what beautiful patterns Phildar has to offer. I probably won't get around to knitting of them for a while because I already have yarn for other projects and it'll take me a while to figure out what kind of yarn subbing to do for these (I was looking online last night and it took me forever to remember that the needle sizes were different... I kept thinking, "that gauge is really weird for that needle size"... ha!) For now, I'll just be content to look at the pretty patterns and plan.