Thursday, October 12, 2006

I dream of yarn

I'm still trucking along on Morris. Thanks to a suggestion from Veronique, I decided to go ahead and seam together the back, one front, and one sleeve. I usually don't do any blocking until all seams are finished, but this time I thought that it would be best to go ahead and block what I have so I can see if I have a good fit (especially since the back and sleeves are all 3x3 ribbing... preblocking it looked like the sweater was for me and not my husband - yikes!). So, yesterday, I did just that. I also finished knitting the second front and started the second sleeve.

Then, last night as I was going to sleep, I was thinking about my knitting. Thinking about Morris. And I started to smell wool. Wow, I thought, memory is such an incredible thing. Just by thinking about knitting, my brain is able to make me think that I can actually smell the fiber I was working with. Incredible. Then, I opened my eyes and saw the socks that I had washed with Morris (gotta multi-task) and left hanging on the headboard to dry.