Monday, October 02, 2006


I am so bad about deadlines. I think that I've actually gotten worse about them in my post-college life. Although, now that I think back on it, I was pretty bad about them then also. I was always starting my papers at the last minute and then having to either stay up til four or wake up at four in the morning to finish them (but either way, it seems like four in the morning was part of the equation to get things done). The worst part, though, has always been that I try to be strict with myself and impose rules that ideally would make it easier for me to accomplish my goals. For example, if I had a paper due a week away, I would not allow myself to go out with my friends for that whole week. The idea being that that way I would have to work on said paper. However, that was rarely what actually happened. Instead, I would just find something else to do in my room (read, watch tv, work on other homework, clean, anything but what I was supposed to be doing).

Sadly, I seem to be the same way about knitting. This past week I was trying to get a submission in to Knitty (October 1st deadline). So, I told myself that I couldn't use up free time blogging. Instead, I wound up just knitting on other projects anyway. Oh well, I got the submission in on time.

Now, I just have to concentrate on my other knitting deadlines. First of all, I have to finish these socks for my brother by October 10th (his birthday*). They're Gentleman’s Sock with Lozenge Pattern from Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks. I'm using Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in Bark. I actually had originally meant to do a pair of Argyle socks for the bro and these were meant to be holiday socks for my Dad, but since the holiday season is further away, I think I'd better switch them around. Plus, I finished that first sock like four months ago. I just can't count on myself to get a quick start on any second sock of a pair.... Eight days to finish just the foot. Seems like a reasonable goal. As long as I can keep myself away from other projects!

*cute story - When my brother was little, anytime you asked him when his birthday was, he would respond, "October the 10th of July." I think he got his birthday confused with the 4th of July.