Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Sometimes I'm not the best about thinking before I act. Especially when it comes to knitting. I just want to go go go. That's what happened with this sweater. I wanted something easy and fast. So, I thought a chunky turtleneck with US 13s would be the answer. It came out perfectly. Except that for some reason I didn't use my own measurements when I was scribbling down my plan for the pattern. Of course, somehow I didn't notice this mistake until I'd seamed the front and back pieces together.

On a related note, a couple weeks ago the Husband, Baby Girl and I were invited to a co-worker's home for dessert. It was overall a very nice time. Their family unit matches ours quite nicely (we both have one daughter). Anyway, as I was holding Baby Girl, I started to seat myself on their sofa.... but I completely misjudged where the sofa ended and wound up falling onto the floor. Thankfully, Baby Girl wasn't hurt, but I still have two bruised on my spine (and maybe one on my ego).

I guess I feel the same way about that fall as I do about my mis-sized sweater. It's embarrassing, but I'll recover. It may take a couple weeks before we can revisit either the friends or the sweater, though.