Monday, February 05, 2007

I got buttons

Well, I decided to give Joann one last go. On Saturday, I made what I had decided would be my final trip for buttons. It was all or nothing. If they didn't have what I was looking for, I was going to order online. So, I went, fulling expecting to be let down again. I turned the display thing (which, by the way, was way hard to turn... it seems like all their turny display things are that way) and there they were. The weird thing was that there weren't just two, but like five or six available... which was weird because before the lady who worked there had told me that they only have stocks of up to three button cards at a time. I'd like to think that my constant complaining about this policy is what prompted the change.

She's still missing pockets, but here she is... the Phildar Swing Jacket:

Unfortunately, it's now too cold to wear outside. So, for now, I'm just wearing it inside at home all the time and then carefully taking it off when I have to change a diaper or serve a toddler meal (we've now entered the stage when Baby Girl only wants to feed herself even with the utensils... let's just say that it's a messy process). Anyway, I plan to do a full post on this project once I actually put in the pockets.

On the home front, sometime a couple weeks ago, the Husband and I decided that it would be fun to expose Baby Girl to "Bye Bye Bye" by N Sync since that is one of her favorite vocabulary words. And it was fun the first 10 or so times that we all watched the video together on Youtube. Baby Girl quickly picked up on the most obvious lyrics. She danced. She laughed. She did the marionette thing like the hands in the background. Now, though, I think we're approaching ~ the 100th viewing. What's weird is that even though I never went out of my way to listen to the boy bands back in the day, I've somehow unlocked a section of my brain where they all exist. I've now got boy band songs stuck in my head all the time. "Tearin' up my heart", "It's gonna be me", and a million others whose titles I don't even know. Anyway, here's her fav version of "Bye bye bye." It's from the AMAs goodness only knows how long ago.