Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm not a Shawl Person

Really, I'm not. I've never once worn one. I love the way they look, but until a couple weeks ago, I truly thought that there was no way I would make one for myself.

Of course, I was tempted once before. When I was knitting Birch. I had intended (and eventually did) to give Birch to my grandmother who taught me to knit. A couple times, though, as I was knitting I thought, "Well, maybe I should keep it for myself. I didn't tell her or anyone else that I was going to gift it, so what's the harm?" In the end, though, it turned out that I'm allergic to mohair, which occurred to me as a possibility while I was knitting and became undeniable during the blocking. So, I just pretended that nothing had happened. I'm not a shawl person.

Then came Victorian Lace Today... and all the beautiful scarves and shawls other people were making. Well, I thought, I can't justify buying the book, but it wouldn't hurt to just borrow it from the library. So, I did. I flipped through the pages and although many of the pieces are spectacular, I was only tempted by one.

Two weeks later, I now have myself a finished Curved Shawl, worked in silk, so I can't possibly find a reason to give it away. I still don't really consider myself a shawl person... and I think it's pretty unlikely that I'll wear my new shawl like this, ---->

<---- but this is a definite possibility.

Pattern: A Curved Shawl with Diamond Edging from Victorian Lace Today.

Yarn: Alchemy Silk Purse in Teal Tide. About 2.5 skeins.

Adjustments: The patterned called for:

  • US 3 needles
  • Super fine weight yarn
  • 42 4-row repeats
I did:
  • US 7 needles
  • Fine weight yarn
  • 25 4-row repeats
Their final measurements: 21"x62"

My final measurements: 20"x60"

Comments: This was really the perfect project. Fun to knit and a happy outcome too! I loved stretching it out as I went to see those cute circles!

In other knitty bloggy news, the publication of my last pattern in Knitty also helped me to reconnect with an old friend. Hannah and I hadn't talked to each other since college, but when she saw my pattern, she recognized me! What's weird is that neither one of us knitted in college. Small world!