Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring Cleaning

I live a relatively messy lifestyle. I admit it. I clean (maybe not as often as I should), but I never have been so good at the organizational stuff. So, I've decided that this Spring is the time to change that. It's slow going, but I'm trying to do a little household project every other day or so and still keep up with all the necessary cleaning. The disorganization had gotten to the point that a common conversation between me and the Husband went something like this:

"Hey, do you know where super important tax document A is?"

"Well, I put it on the dresser. It was on the left side on top of Baby Talk magazine and under Time magazine."

"Yeah, I see the magazines, but super important tax document A isn't here!"

"Sorry, I guess it's lost, then."

Yeah. So, besides all the really boring filing, I've also done some (very) small projects that were fun. Here are a couple of my favorites:

I saw these embroidery hoops used as wall decor first on the Purl Bee page a while back and then a couple times in blogland. The fabric is from a dress that Baby Girl had last year. The dress was one of my favorites, but it got a stain on the front that I couldn't remove. I have this idea in the back of my mind that one day in the super distant future, I will sew a quilt out of all Baby Girl's old clothes, so I've been hoarding them all stains or no. It's nice to put one of my favorites to work in the time being.

And the other one is a small basket I put right next to the sink. I go through about a zillion washrags and dishtowels a day and it's a huge pain to have to pull more out of the linen closet every time I need a new one. Of course, once I put them all right in plain view, I realized that my one tired MDK warshrag was lonely, so I did a couple more. MDK warshrag number one is happy to have the company.... almost happy enough to forgive me for that bleach incident a couple months ago.