Monday, December 11, 2006


The other day when I was taking Baby Girl out on one of our many mini-outings, I realized that there are things that I actually need that I can knit. It was a really bizarre revelation as I spend so much time knitting things that I want, but I don't really need. And yet, I don't have any gloves or mittens. Baby Girl only had one pair of mittens. This was clearly a situation that I had to remedy as quickly as possible.

So, yesterday I knit up a quick pair of gloves for Baby Girl using the pattern (second post on the page) detailed by Lisa. Unfortunately, though, I don't have a nifty i-icord maker thingy. I had to make mine the old fashioned way. I used stash yarn. I think it's Henry's Attic Superwash Sport. It was hand-dyed by someone else. I think Theresa at LTK, but it's been around for a while, so I'm not really sure.

Anyway, at first I wasn't too crazy about the color. Definitely not girly. And since I'm that mom who doesn't always dress her girl in girly colors (does she really have to wear pink 100% of the time?), I'm afraid that this little touch will only add to the number of times that people ask if she's a girl. BUT, then when I took her out for some in-use photos, she promptly took the mittens off (it was over 60 degrees out) and started swinging them around. Then, she took off her coat and threw it along with the mittens into the dirt. That top photo was taken after all this happened. Can't tell, can you? Maybe not such a bad color choice after all.