Wednesday, November 08, 2006

This past weekend was spent largely on the road for our little family. We got news on Sat. that one of my husband's aunts passed away. So, we packed up ourselves and Baby Girl early Sunday morning to head to our hometown. His aunt is the second relative to pass away this season. She was taken away by cancer, so her death did not come as a total surprise. The part that's the hardest... that we knew that she was sick. She was sick for years, but we rarely visited or called or even emailed. The same is true for the other family member who died recently (my great aunt). She was in the nursing home in poor condition for years. I didn't call. I didn't write. I pray that I can take this as a wake-up call. Don't forget family. Don't wait until it's too late. It takes so little effort to make a phone call... to write a letter, but it can mean so much.

Unfortunately, I have no knitting news to report. I wanted to knit in the car and even packed up something to work on, but I didn't even pick it up.