Friday, May 26, 2006

I've wanted to document my knitting for some time now. I guess the only way to start is to just jump in.

I learned how to knit when I was six years old from my grandmother. She was a very prolific knitter of stuffed animals. She didn't use patterns for the most part. She would just knit. My brother and I each had a duck that she made for us. When she passed along her knitting supplies to me I learned part of her secret - she had a whole menagerie of those toys that came with happy meals.

So, most of my first knits were stuffed animals. I think my very first fo was actually a knitted rat made of purple variegated yarn. I really wish that I still had it. It was so ugly. I loved it.

I think that I made a few more stuffed animals from ages 6-13. I seem to remember a bear and maybe a cat too. Not too many fos, but I enjoyed it anyway.

Then, in high school I started knitting again - more seriously this time. I made a couple sweaters and a blanket. Here's a picture of my very first sweater with one of my newer knits:

I can't remember if I meant it to be for myself or if it was always meant for grandma, but it went to grandma either way. Grandmas are the best recipients of handknits. Ten years later and she's still wearing it.

The second person in the photo brings me to why I recently started knitting again. Baby girl!